A far too long post about why I've set this page up for those that are interested ....

I've been fascinated by the impact of our food choices on our bodies and minds for about 20 years. With a natural tendency towards High Blood Pressure I have successfully avoided medication in all that time, entirely due to eating healthily.

I also get really annoyed by all the confusion about exactly what is a 'healthy' diet and how we get such competing messages. And it brings up the question of what sources of information can we trust?

I have experimented on myself eg by changing my diet and seeing the difference it makes in the short term, but I can't tell the longer term impacts and hence wanted to know what the science is. The problem is that 'science' is itself funded by vested interests and we generally only see the results published that the funder wants us to see. A few years ago I came across a site that I feel I can trust and all Nutritional info you see on this page has come from this site. It's called www.nutritionfacts.org. The reason I trust it is because there are no vested interests. Nobody is selling an 'amazing' supplement on the back of it & it's a non-profit site, funded by donations. It is also run by Dr Greger who is on a mission to spread the word about the impact of Nutrition on our health. His view is that modern medicine is really about covering up or mitigating the symptoms of ill health and not dealing with the actual causes of disease. Unfortunately our doctors get very little training in Nutrition. And Nutrition Facts is ALL about the science. Along with his team of volunteers Dr Greger reviews all of the thousands of scientific papers that are published each year about Nutrition and summarises those that are based on sound scientific principles or are without strong bias. In short he is my hero!

And what does the science say? In summary for maximum health we should all be eating a whole foods plant based diet. That means no animal products (including no dairy, no eggs, no fish etc). It also means minimally processed food ie eating whole grains rather than white rice or pasta, avoiding fizzy drinks etc. And no added sugar, salt or oils.

And the closer you get to that diet the healthier you are, you have way more energy, you can easily maintain a healthy weight, you get less ill and you feel great both physically and mentally.

But we also need to live and enjoy life. And that's where the Gin & Joy come in to this page. I have a weakness for Crisps, Dark Chocolate, Any Chocolate actually, Puddings, Gin, Wine, Beer and Cider. My aim is to eat really healthy meals 95% of the time adhering to the best advice, but keep in mind balancing that with enjoying life. And as a Life Coach & Relationship Coach I have lots of tips on enjoying your life too.

This page is to give you a summary of some of the science, so that you don't have to wade through it all as I like to, and to suggest EASY ways of incorporating more plants into your diet. You don't have to give up meat / fish / dairy completely if you don't want to but this page might help you to cut them down and include more of the good stuff on your plate, or have more plant-based meals.

What do I get out of it? One of the best bits of advice for having more joy and fulfilment in your life is to help others. Oh and eventually so many more people will be eating this way that restaurants and pubs will start to offer decent plant-based choices, rather than pasta with tomato sauce or a superfood salad!