We've been off camping this weekend so a few easy campsite meal ideas for you. (Or you can do them as 5 min easy meals in your kitchen). 1. Veggie Curry from a jar. The only unhealthy bit is the jar of curry sauce but I only use 1 jar for 4 of us & choose the one with least salt / sugar etc. In this case it was Rogan Josh in the Lidl range. In a pan just warm it through with drained cans of salt-free broad beans, peas, lentils, chickpeas, mushrooms - whatever you fancy. All the pulses and veg offset the unhealthiness of the sauce. As they are all pre-cooked it just needs heating through. If you are very keen you can of course cut up and cook fresh red peppers, mushrooms etc but that all takes a lot longer on a puny camp stove. Heat through a few packs of instant brown rice or quinoa in another pan and you are good to go. Takes about 10 mins total to feed a family of 4 and none of it goes off or needs chilling beforehand so perfect for camping. And it's an easy way to get your daily pulses in too. 2. Above technique also works for Bean Chilli but there I would use a small sauce and a can of tomatoes. 3. Tofu burgers. Buy pre-marinated Tofu (Dragon do a nice one) and depending on the thickness slice in half to form 2 thinner burgers. We generally go for 2 packs of Tofu for 4 burgers. Warm through in a pan (they do tend to need a little oil to stop them sticking) or cremate over a BBQ if that's your preference & serve in wholemeal rolls with salad. 4. Breakfasts are easy. Either buy or mix up your own Museli (adding pumpkin seeds, sultanas etc to Oats) & serve with longlife Soy / Oat / Almond milk. Again no need to chill before it's open so handy for camping. Add chopped bananas, blueberries etc to tick some fruit boxes. 4. Speedy Picnic Lunches on the run are pots of hummus, brown pita breads, bags of salad etc. Not great from a salt point of view but still generally better than eating out. 5. If you are feeling keen you can whizz up a quick Pasta Sauce. Chop an onion, red pepper and sauté in water. Add either fresh or dried garlic or garlic powder. Add dried herbs & pepper and a bottle of passata. Serve with brown pasta for a totally healthy meal. Options are also to add mushrooms, canned sweetcorn etc. We tend to keep dried herbs & a few other flavourings in the camping box.

After eating your extremely healthy plant-based meal you then have the option of stuffing your face with crisps & toasted marshmallows round the campfire.

Happy Camping