How can a bowl of soup be substantial enough for dinner? Easy. While the Celeriac & Carrot soup (recipe in comments) was cooking in the pressure cooker, I had Quinoa cooking in the bottom of my steamer pan and Curly Kale on top. Open a can of beans (Black-eyed tonight), split between the bowls, add a large helping of the Quinoa, cover in the whizzed up soup, plonk steamed Curly Kale on top, with a sprinkle of Nutritional Yeast. Thus ticking off lots of Veg, Pulses, Whole Grains, Cruciferous / Leafy greens. All things we should aim to eat every day ... and all in one bowl of soup ready in approx 20 mins. Serve with a glass of wine because it's Friday & you are worth it 😃

Vague recipe for the soup. Roughly chop a celeriac, several carrots, 2 celery stalks, 2 red onions, 2 garlic cloves. Bung them in your saucepan, Instant Pot, Thermomix or whatever other fancy gadget you have. Add water to almost cover, a half teaspoon of low salt Boullion, quarter teaspoon of ground white pepper, couple of teaspoons of onion granules, a few shakes of Seaweed for natural saltiness, a couple of teaspoons of Dill (no reason other than I like Dill) & I added a pinch of Cayenne pepper & a small handful of cashews. Cook until tender (Instant Pot is 3 mins and 10 mins natural release). Whizz up in a blender adding soya milk to get the consistency and creaminess you like. Adjust seasoning / herbs to taste. Usually I would add the Nutritional Yeast to the blender but I forgot. Job done.