Speedy dinner last night. Super healthy & still got kids' approval.

We had leftover coleslaw, which in turn was made using the leftover homemade mayonnaise last week. The coleslaw was simply grated carrots, celery, cabbage, red pepper, apple. Also added a handful of rough chopped cashews, for healthy fats, & a handful of sultanas & a spoon or two of the mayo.

With the beans I just opened 2 different cans (black eyed & chickpeas), rinsed and stirred in some flavourings. In this case it was apple cider vinegar, a couple of drips of Soy sauce, ground cumin, cayenne pepper, seaweed, nutritional yeast, white pepper, frozen coriander leaf.

Steamed and cooled the new potatoes, broccoli & green beans. Added avocado for more fats & tomato by special request from my daughter.

Followed by fresh raspberries & mango & washed down with water. That gave us a tick in pretty much every box of Dr Gregory's Daily Dozen App.