Here's your approximate recipe: A cup of cashew nuts - if you have an awesome blender you don't need to soak, otherwise soak for several hours. A cup of non-dairy milk. (I used rice milk as it's naturally sweeter so that probably helped with not needing extra sweetness). Approx a tablespoon of coconut (any form, I used desiccated). Whizz them all up with lemon juice to taste. I started with 1 lemon's worth of juice but ended up at 2.5 lemons worth. Just keep tasting it. If it's too sharp add a little maple syrup, as little as possible. Once the flavour is how you like it, stir in approx 4 tablespoons of Chia seeds (or less if you added less juice). Next time I might try blending but I just stirred in this time. Pour into ramekins and leave in fridge for a few hours. The Chia seeds go soft and set the pudding. It's not a totally smooth consistency but we loved it. Let me know if you give it a go. Can also make a similar pud with whizzed up raspberries or strawberries. And you get to tick your boxes for nuts, seeds & fruit. All really good for you. Enjoy. X