One of my fave things about the Whole Foods Plant Based way of eating is that you can load up on comforting (wholegrain) carbs & still find it easy to maintain a healthy weight. Tonight's meal of wholewheat pasta, homemade creamy tomato & veg sauce with steamed Tenderstem Broccoli took approx 15 mins start to finish. Here's the vague recipe for 3 large portions: Put pasta on to boil Meanwhile roughly chop 2 purple onions, a couple of carrots, half a red pepper, a large garlic clove & a stick of celery. Put them in a microwaveable bowl with a lid on & microwave on high for approx 2-3 mins until they are tender. (It would be tastier to sauté them but that's more effort. This still takes away the raw taste but is much quicker). Blend them in a blender with a small handful of cashew nuts, a teaspoon or two of oregano, 2 tablespoons of Nutritional Yeast*, a grind of black pepper, a sprinkle of seaweed for natural salt taste & 2/3s of a jar of passata. Once you've whizzed it taste and adjust the herbs etc to how you like it. I usually add a splash of balsamic vinegar too but I've run out. I have a high speed blender which heats the sauce at the same time. If you don't have one just blend then heat it in microwave or saucepan. Put broccoli either in steam pan on top of pasta or add it to the pasta when you have approx 5 mins cooking time left. Add a can of beans to the pasta before draining to warm them, (we used Pinto tonight) for extra protein, fibre etc & pour sauce on top. And a sprinkle of fresh or frozen Basil on top. And done - kids call it a 'crowdpleaser'. The red pepper / carrots give a natural sweetness to offset the acidity of the tomato passata as well as adding extra goodness. *Nutritional Yeast is an ingredient that Vegans use a lot - its full of vitamins & minerals and adds a pleasant savoury, cheesy, nutty taste.