Here's how to do everything in less than 15 mins. First boil a full kettle of water. Wash and chop your broccoli. (I didn't have time to let it sit for 40 mins to allow magical enzymes to do their work so I trimmed the stalks, which are sweeter, and we ate those raw with it & that does the same job). Add boiling water to saucepan, put pasta in. After a few mins add frozen peas to the water. I then added the broccoli to a steamer basket on top. Meanwhile add quarter cup (v approx - I didn't measure anything) of pine nuts to a dry pan and toast them over a medium heat for a few mins until they start to colour. Then put them straight in your blender (or food processor). Either add lots of fresh Basil or I just used approx 2/3s of a bag of Ocado frozen Basil. Also add juice of half a lemon, a peeled Garlic clove (or more if you like it very Garlicky- it's quite strong though as the Garlic is raw), a tablespoon of Nutritional Yeast, a sprinkle of white pepper, a splash of water to get the right consistency. (I used boiled water as my Basil was frozen). Whizz it up and adjust your flavours. I made mine more runny than regular pesto & we ate all of it between the 3 of us. By now your Pasta & Veg are probably cooked. Take the broccoli off the steamer and add to the bowls. Then add 2 cans of drained Butter Beans to the pasta (still in its hot water to allow the beans to warm through). After a minute or so drain the water off and mix in the Pesto. Serve with a sprinkle of Nutritional Yeast & Black Pepper. Less than 15 mins start to finish & very tasty