Thank you to Deliciously Ella for her Chilli & Chive pancakes today. Link below in the comments but I doubled the recipe, skipped the salt & oil, forgot the lemon juice, replaced the chilli with chilli flakes & added extra flavourings in the form of onion powder, white pepper, cayenne pepper & seaweed flakes. Very nice and very filling. I had made a quick cheesy beany thing on the side (with onions, celery, garlic, nutritional yeast, cashew nuts, mustard, lemon juice) but actually it was too filling & the pancakes are slightly dry / heavy in texture so next time will just do with a side salad. Having said that as I'm on 'Mission Iron' at the moment this meal must have been chock full of it, with all the beans, nuts, chickpea flour, complete with Vit C in the broccoli & tomatoes to aid absorption. 💪

Link to the original recipe (my modifications above):