This is also a lesson in how to rescue recipes because this meal was not what I'd had in mind but this is how it turned out. I'm calling it Sue's Special Bean Soup! It was originally aiming to be a version of Tuscan Beans on toast. I have an electric pressure cooker & in theory you can cook dried beans in it without soaking them first. This is good as I never plan what I'm cooking until approx 2 mins before I start cooking it, so overnight soaking is generally out of the question. But my plan A failed so I had to rescue. First I put 2 cups of dried Butter Beans in the pressure cooker. I added 2 chopped finely red onions, a stick of celery, a couple of carrots & 2 minced garlic cloves. Approx 1 teaspoon of low salt boullion powder. 2 bay leaves, 2 chopped finely sage leaves & 2 sprigs of rosemary. And a fair amount of water so it was a good inch above the beans. Set cooker to manual for 30 mins and natural release while I went to pick the kids up (another reason to love my pressure cooker, you can leave it to do the cooking for you!). Came back and the beans weren't all quite cooked properly & there was loads of liquid still. Added 2/3s jar of Passata to flavour the watery liquid, put it back under pressure for 10 mins. Beans done but looked a bit floating around in a sea of soup. Took out about 4 ladles worth and whizzed in blender then returned to pot to thicken. Finally did some rough mashing of the remaining beans, stirred in some Nutritional Yeast and fresh Parsley (well technically frozen but same thing). And kids rated it 8.5/10 so I may deliberately make it again. I served with mushrooms that needed using up & some overcooked broccoli (that cost me a point!) as I forgot to take the steamer off the heat while I was rescuing the beans. If you wanted to make this I'd suggest soaking your dried beans overnight, or pressure cooking for longer to start with or cook the soup and add canned beans at the end. Don't be afraid to go off piste with veggie cooking, most things can be rescued e.g. If the broccoli was too done I could have added some liquid, herbs, flavourings and turned it into a soup starter!